About us

Since it’s foundation in 2008, the artistsforyou brand has become a household name in all the countries we’ve grown our network to. After starting out in the Netherlands (artiestvooru.nl) many organizers have found their way to us on their search for the best musicians and artists for their events.

Since we ourselves also work as performing artists, we are regularly in personal contact with new artists. We’ve build up a large international network over the past decade, and gained a lot of experience in the entertainment industry.

Our German branch (artistenfuerdich.de) was opened at the beginning of 2018, and because of all our past experience we have managed to grown out to one of the biggest artist portals in the country, even larger than our original platform in Holland.

After the successful launch in Germany, we expanded our team in 2020 and brought the platform to Poland (artystadlaciebie.pl) and Austria (artistenfuerdich.at). Now with our focus shifted toward the west, we’ve set our eyes on the English speaking countries of Great Britain & Ireland, with the website that you’ve found today.

We’re happy to greet you on our newest platform, we look forward to your booking requests, think with you and are sure to find the right solution for you!

Effi Kindermann

Effi Kindermann
Main contact person & Allround Talent
Effi has been working for the German Artist Portal since the first day of the project. Be it content/visual consulting, active work on the profiles, talentaquiese or B2B management, she enriches the artist portal on all fronts. Now she takes over a new role and will focus on our expansion to Great Britain & Ireland.

From an early age, Effi was an enthusiastic participant in the children’s circus and has also been active for years in the realization of training meetings and festivals in the fire-playing and juggling scene.

Yoran Heij

Webmaster & co-responsibility
Yoran is your webmaster, contact person and the face of the German platform. He is the builder and the driving force behind the websites, and with his years of experience as a web designer he makes sure that everything is up to date.

He has a very special sensibility with which he brings his clients and artists closer together. He has years of experience as a fire artist and juggler, and organizes small music and fire festivals at home and abroad.

Maybelline Broekhuijsen

Advice and support
Maybelline is not only the founder of the Dutch platform, she is also a musician and performs in the Netherlands with her own band Agua Azul.

Because she was also co-organizer of funeral fairs, Maybelline has contact with many mortuary professionals and she is well aware of what is important and possible during a funeral service. You will also be well advised by her in this field.

Edyta Akinsuroju

Advice and support
Edyta is the manager and face of our Polish and Austrian platforms, she lives with her two kids in Berlin.

She officially joined the team in 2019, but has been working closely with us on various projects over the last 3 years and has already come up with many new ideas and improvements for the portals. Since 2020, she has been focusing mainly on building a strong network in Poland and Austria.


Our Mission

One of our favorite moments is looking into the faces of our audience when we perform. Captivated by the movements, they follow our performance and for a brief moment they enter into a different universe…

That’s the beauty of art, the maker as well as the audience can enjoy it.

Committed to our mission we have built the artist platforms to on the one hand give musicians and artists the opportunity to make a living from their art, and on the other hand to give you (the organizer) the opportunity to find the right musician or artist for any occasion you can think of, and make your event into an unforgettable experience!


Further questions?

For further questions please contact us via our e-mail form. We will try to contact you as soon as possible.