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The Enchanting Magician from Cologne

The Enchanting Magician from Cologne

Main focus: A versatile showartist for small and large events

The Cologne-based magician has now been on stage for more than 10 years and, despite his young age, already belongs to the professional ranks of the German magic scene with hundreds of appearances. His shows have taken him far beyond the German borders to Australia, Asia, through large parts of Europe and of course the UK.

With top-class magic, clever deception and subtle humor, he offers first-class entertainment, far away from standard shows.

Location: Cologne, Germany

Action radius: International

Price from: £ 1800,- (Plus 20% VAT)

Incredible Magic and Illusion Show

Incredible Magic and Illusion Show

Main focus: Shows for larger events & locations

You want to make a lasting impression on your guests? This magic show from Germany is an absolute highlight for the largest events, and has already taken the artist from Europe to the stages of Las Vegas!

The program consists of fascinating grand illusions that you can’t imagine in your wildest dreams. In addition to your host and magician, two to three charming assistants provide the finest entertainment with their dance interludes and stage presence.

Location: Waldkirch, Germany

Action radius: International

Price from: £ 3000,- (No VAT)

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