Scottish-Style Ceilidh Experience with DJ

The Scottish-Style Ceilidh Experience is provided to you by an authentic ceilidh artist originally from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland.  He has hosted and planned Ceilidhs for over ten years for various big and small occasions. Therefore, he has versatile experience to assist you in the planning of your event.

He won a couple of corporate entertainment awards in the last couple of years and this year he additionally won a specialist wedding entertainment award.

Encourages all your guests onto the dance floor

Fast and furious Scottish Style ceilidh with a contemporary twist. Available as a Ceilidh DJ set up using recorded music and as a full band set up (usually 3 musicians and a caller). He provides the full Highland treatment at your event – complete with kilt, the works.

His audience loves the way his style of ceilidh encourages all your guests onto the dance floor, no matter their age or ability. It’s so social and inclusive. He is based in Derbyshire, and covers the whole of the UK including the Channel Islands.

What’s a ceilidh?

A ceilidh (pronounced kay-lea) is probably the most inclusive dancefloor you could have. It doesn’t matter how many of them you’ve done before, or if you’ve done none at all. The person calling the dances tells everyone what they need to do, and keeps it going. Everyone dances with everyone, whether you know each other or not. The more people the better! Everyone gets a go.

Essentially, most people are just guessing what they’re supposed to be doing, and that makes it brilliant!

What’s included in the DJ Package

Exclusive DJ and Live Saxophone Show

Award-winning saxophonist meets first-class DJ: the right music for any wedding, birthday or corporate event… Taking you from an emotional ceremony to the champagne reception, an excellent dinner and to top it all off an unforgettable party evening!

We play events all over Europe for renowned clients from business and politics from Bellevue Castle for the German President to BMW World, from Lake Garda to St. Tropez.

Our concept for your event

We offer a mixture of traditional and modern sounds to cater to a wide audience. When a DJ is not enough and a band is too inflexible (especially since a band cannot play all night – but guests want to dance all night) there is the proven DJ & Sax concept.

We can accompany the arrival of the guests, the reception and the dinner in the right style to introduce the mood of the evening – and then change the pace of the music for the party. We are very flexible, and go through all danceable genres (according to your wishes) including standard dances. The live saxophone always creates a great atmosphere and a wonderful variety to the music.

YES – we are magic!

Short Magic shows have become an essential part of our wedding offerings, an amazing extra during your reception or after dinner.

DJ & Live Saxophone from Munich for Exclusive Weddings and Events!